KIPP Summit tales of terror!

Winners of the KIPP Summit 6th Grade Scary Story Contest!

October is the month of Halloween! The time for tricks & treats! The month of scary, spooky, and terrifying tales! Ms. Abigail Cadelina asked her 6th grade writing class at KIPP Summit Academy to write their own scary stories.

The best scary stories were then voted on by KIPP Summit teachers. Though all students had amazing and creatively spooky stories, these three authors won the contest.

The Assignment

For their terrifying tale, they were asked to write several paragraphs about what happens when you (or someone) visits an unfamiliar place. The story had to have at least 1 of the creatures from the articles they had been reading about recently in class.

You enter an unfamiliar place. You have many thoughts racing through your head. You see something that makes your eyes widen. What happens next? 

The Winning Scary Stories!

1st Place Winner – Drown or Else
Written by Bonnie Liu

Bonnie Liu, 6th Grade at KIPP Summit Academy

Long ago, there was a girl named Liu Changle, she was the daughter of the Chang family. She wondered every night about if the stories of going north in the main bridge was true, was it really a paradise? Was there really a paradise or something deadly and dangerous out there, they say it has a glare that can bring you down to the water, with a voice as a siren, with skin as pale as snow, with lips as red as blood. They say you can hear it say come here only to drag you down into the water so you will drown to death. Was this really true or not either way she had to find a way to sneak out, and not get caught either. But how the Chang residence was guarded. She has to shedule correctly, and choose the right time, and at night.

“How am I going to do this? How to pull this off?” Liu ChangLe questioned herself. She was going to let herself be caught. She wasn’t going to get a pep talk with her whole family for sneaking out, she wasn’t going to look like a fool upon them, she wasn’t going to talk to the emperor. 

 So the night before she said to Liu HuiZhen that they will go on a “walk” and head out to the main bridge and take a boat to the northern mystery. She just needed to make sure she played her part and so did her fellow friend of company. That night she opened the door of her room and went to the guards who were guarding the door of the Chang Residence.

“Miss Liu Chang Le what are you doing out so late?” asked one of the guards

“I’m going for a walk around the main bridge.” responded Li Changle.

“Does Liu HuiZhen, know about this?” ask one of the guards. 

“Yes she is coming out right now.” responded Liu ChangLe. “LIU HUIZHEN!

Read the full scary story here

2nd Place Winner – Forest Walk
Written by Melanie Gutierrez

Melanie Gutierrez, 6th Grade at KIPP Summit Academy

Pollen looked around. He was in a forest. Of course he has been in a forest before but this one felt…unfamiliar. It’s not in his city, nor his country. Lots of questions went through his head: How did he get here? Why is he here? What’s the reason for a- his eyes settled upon a rose bush. His eyes dilated as he saw a very beautiful rose, one that stood out from the rest. It was in a very nice shade of pink with luscious petals and only very few thorns that it looked like it didn’t have any. He walked over to the rose bush and bent down.

“Why, isn’t this rose very lovely,” He mumbled to himself. Pollen loved flowers. Every now and then he would go to a flower field near his house to spend some calming hours there. He then reached over and picked it out of the bush. There was some rustling among the trees that made Pollen look up though there was nothing there. Must have been my imagination, he thought as he dusted off the rose and put it behind his ear.

A few minutes went by and Pollen was just walking down the path that he was on. There was a noise, like the sound of fingernails tapping on plastic, coming from the trees. He swiftly turned around and lots of spiders coming down, out of the trees.

Read the full scary story here

3rd Place Winner Revenge of the Spider
Written by Tiffany Huang

Tiffany Huang, 6th Grade at
KIPP Summit Academy

Trick or treating at dusk was normal for Mark and his friends but tonight felt very strange. The street lights were shut off and it was awfully dark and gloomy. Only a few kids walked up and down the streets for candy. Once Mark and his friends walked even further into the streets it was deathly quiet, there were no crickets chirping and even the trees stopped rustling. Suddenly, a group of kids rush past them screaming in terror. Mark and his friends watched as a teensy-weensy spider crawls toward them.

“What’s all that about,” asked one of Mark’s friends, Terry. 

“They must’ve been scared of something,” said Mark. 

When they looked past the spider something was lurking behind the shadow. It was a tall gray house, with spider webs covering almost every part of the house. There was a black cat scratching at the door.

Read the full scary story here

Congratulations to all of the Scary Story winners! We hope you keep writing and continue to share your creative work with the world.

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