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Alejandro Hinojosa, KIPP San Francisco College Prep alum & current University of San Francisco student, talks with his younger brother, fellow KIPP alum and San Francisco State University student Emmanuel Hinojosa, about being a first-time voter.

Emmanuel Hinojosa, with his Voter Registration Guide for Contra Costa County.

Alejandro Hinojosa: What are you passionate about?
Emmanuel Hinojosa: I’m really passionate about music; I love to listen to music. I always have music in the background. Another thing I am also passionate about is helping my family in any way possible either economically or just talking to them to see if everything is good

AH: How does it feel to be a first time voter this year?
EH: It feels weird. Everyone always tells me I should vote now that I am 18, and I thought, “Okay, yeah.”

AH: Is it important to vote?
EH: It is! There is major importance in youth voting. I have seen statistics on how young voters do not go out and vote, causing a lot of our voices to not be heard.

AH: Why is voting important to you?
EH: It’s important to not vote for a bad president or elected officials. I want a better the country, with a better president for us Latinos and all other communities. By voting I can also demand more support from police departments or just the government, in general, because with all the police brutality and protests that are going on this year, I feel like they are not really helping or supporting us as a community, not just Latinos or African Americans, but also other races that want change.

AH: How does it feel to be a first time voter during a global pandemic?
EH: I just feel like I have to be more cautious about who I am around, because we do not know who might be carrying the coronavirus. It’s going to be a challenge at the polling places.

AH: Did you that you can vote through mail-in ballots?
EH: Oh good! I did not know that. I thought we still had to go to the voting booths.

AH: What are some issues that are important to you this election?
EH: Growing up in a Mexican household, immigration has always been a really big important issue for me and for a lot of my family members. I know a lot of people that have DACA, so if we have a president that wants to take that away it would not only hurt them but me, as well, because I care for them. They depend on me to use my vote to help their voices be heard.

AH: What are your feelings about voting as a young person?
EH: I feel that when people see an 18-year-old they are probably thinking, ‘This kid does not know who he is voting for. He is just voting to do it.’ That’s not true. I think it’s important to do your research on the issues and propositions on your ballot. Being young doesn’t mean you don’t know what is important to you and your family. I do know what is important, and I’m going to vote on it!

Get information about registering, mail-in ballots, and how to get your voice heard on November 3!


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