Choosing the Right School: Rosa Arreola, KIPP Stockton Parent

Vanelly, Grade 5 at KIPP Stockton Middle School

As a parent enrolling my fifth-grade daughter in a brand new school this summer, I was apprehensive, but it only took one phone call to assure me I had made the right choice in choosing KIPP Stockton Middle School for my daughter Vanelly.

During the first weeks of school, Vanelly’s homeroom teacher, Mr. H. called me at home to introduce himself. He asked about my dreams for Vanelly and shared about himself and his goals for the year. He made me feel comfortable and heard as a parent. 

My husband and I had never experienced this level of personal attention from one of Vanelly’s teachers. At Vanelly’s previous school, we only received progress reports every three months. Most importantly to us, our daughter did not enjoy going to school. Because of this, we began to search for a different school option for Vanelly.  

KIPP teachers create fun lessons that pique her interest and relate to her in a way that builds her motivation.

Last winter, a friend told me about a new school opening in South Stockton called KIPP. I was unsure at first, but that apprehension started to vanish once I read on the KIPP website about how KIPP supports students all the way to college graduation. So, we took a leap of faith and registered her.

Rosa Arreola and her family

We know that we still have a long road ahead for Vanelly to reach her goal of college, but we are confident KIPP Stockton will help us get there. Vanelly has three younger siblings, and we cannot wait for them to follow in her footsteps at KIPP. We have found the right school community for our family.

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